Guide your toddler to choose the right toys

Going to the toyshop can be the happiest even in a day. Your toddler will be so excited after you tell her that both of you are going to the toyshop. Taking your toddler to the toyshop can be done as the reward of her good behavior and attitude. She will not be able to wait longer to have that moment. Her excitement will be greater when both of you start to walk in the aisle with toys around. This can be both exciting and crucial moment. You might be nervous because your toddler perhaps decides to get the toys that are not suitable for her age and not educative. That is why you need to directly go to the aisle where the toys displayed are your toddler age.

Give her the opportunity to have several options. She may take five options and it is your task to select which one is more suitable. After getting the options, think quickly to decide which toys are safe enough. It is because certain toys are not safe enough since they are easily dismantle or break. Your toddler’s toys should be non-breakable and not be dismantled. Make sure there is no small part to avoid the choking hazard. Also, there are some toddlers who insert small things in their nose, ears or mouth. The toys you are going to choose have to be soft and have no sharp edge. This will ensure that the toy will not hurt your toddler.

Beside the entertaining side, you need to consider whether the toys have educational sides or not. There are a lot of toys which can build her mental and motor skills. Bright and colorful toys should also be on your mind because they attract your toddler attention. In addition, let her try to handle the toys so that you will notice whether she can hold them comfortably or not. If the toys are educative and safe but she cannot hold well, you should get another option. The reason is your toddler will leave those toys soon because she cannot play with the toy comfortably. She will not love the toys and perhaps ask to go to the toyshop to get the new ones. In case she does not really like what you choose, show her the positive and fun things may happen due to that toy. Then, both of you will go home happily with the toy.